What’s In A Name?

Needless to say, 2016 was a harrowing year, but there has also been great sense of rebirth in the midst of loss and grieving.

With a sense of rebirth, there is also the recognition that in order to move on, one must also let go of all the dross and pain that binds the heart.  For really, all we are doing is building a barrier, through action and thought, but why?  For fear that if we might dare to love, then we might also dare to lose?

Because the more we hang on, the less we are able to accept any of the new beauty and bounty that surrounds.

As spring is still just a sentimentality away, I do invite everyone to look deep within, and prepare to prepare.  Prepare to let go on order to prepare for new birth.  Unclinch the fist and let go of what you are holding, for an open palm is always ready to receive.

And for just one moment, breathe.  Remember what it has felt like to want in joy, and not in need.  Remember all your dreams, and believe them.  Welcome yourself back home, and promise yourself that you will always have a place there.

Saints and Lovers

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