And Timing Is Everything …

Most readers and writers will tell you, there is a story behind every story.

Within the narrative that is on the page, there is always a subtext, whether relating to present perspectives or past woes.  In many ways, this subtext can be just as intriguing as the tale itself.

Technically, The Golden Whale  was probably about thirteen years in the making, although I probably only spent about a year and a half in all between the text and the artwork.  But what is important is that thirteen years ago, a dear friend sowed the seed for this book, and it has germinated for all this time, to finally burst forth and blossom, here, now.

The Whale has been a labor of love, and there have been many times that I wondered whether this vision would ever come to fruition.  But that tiny seed was very strong, and when it is time for whales, then whales will come.

I should briefly mention that the news article about the dead letter office is partially true, although the account is fictionalized in the book.  This brief AP wire blip about letters to God washing up on shore became the sunshine and the water that nurtured that small seed.  In a bit a a full circle, the recent story about the whale in the Hudson came across the wire on the day that I finished the initial manuscript.

So, with a humble bow, I present for your reading pleasure ….


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