Brains … BRAINZ! (and other intricate webs of light)

I have to admit, that knitting has always been a passion of mine.

These brain hats, which are just my newest fascination, have to be credited to @SFStudioKnits, for the incredible concept and easy to follow free pattern.  I also have to give a shout out to all the #actuallivingscientists who may have started knitting for the first time, in preparation for the #MarchforScience.  I think in that sense, most people can begin to see that knitting is as much of a creative statement as it is a practical one.

The creation aspect of binding simple knots, over and over, into a cloth that can become the narrative of life is part of my fascination with the craft.  But there are other layers to it, or perhaps, other threads.

Every piece which is knitted by hand holds a story, not only of its own making, but also of the life of the maker.  As an instance, one may notice, in taking a closer look at the brain hat, that there are many loose ends still sticking up.  For my knitting, this has become a slightly flawed trademark; if there are strings hanging off, then I probably knitted it.  Yet, I also consider this in life.

What do I leave undone?  What have I yet to face?

When I knit, I am given the time to consider, but also to weave my own narrative through the work.  I may be counting the stitches, but portions of my own wen of light are firing off into universes unknown, and solutions as yet unthought.

When I knit, I recognize that I am the spider, and that all the threads come together into one, and that one is the web of our souls, in communion, conjunction, and reaching out to finally achieve connection.

I offer up some suggestions, for beginners and otherwise, and wish you all a #goodread #goodknit and good cup of tea today!

The Golden Whale

Saints and Lovers (Hollywood Talent)


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