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“Sometimes we forget, and in forgetting, remember who we are,”
writes the girl on the train. She becomes committed to a path through the reality
of 36 hours, on a journey that encompasses years of living.

Saints and Lovers tells the story of a woman going home, a story peopled with the lives of the friends and demons who travel with her. As the train draws nearer to a destination, the nameless woman finds herself coming face to face with these beasts, in flesh and in memory, and with the terrible secret she has been running from for so long. At the same time harsh and tender, the story of her life crosses the landscapes of space and consciousness, weaving fantasy and memory into the moment that is now, here.
Poetic and compelling, Saints and Lovers paints the contours of human emotion and the heart’s ability to forgive while still staying true.

Available today from Amazon.com 

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